A few words about us

A new generation of Trucks

Global Logistics Group is committed to our customers and aspires to be recognized by its customers, employees and vendors as an integral part of their success. We recognize that excellent customer service requires hard work and dedication from everyone. Outstanding service comes from great drivers. Truck Transport believes that the personnel selections of the company are extremely important. Our company is committed to hiring only the best and most qualified drivers and owner operators. We believe load boards should be easy to use, fast and low cost. So did the trucking industry! Logistics professionals use Global Logistics Group every day as a means of conveying their freight load availability to thousands of motor carriers. Instantly, brokers, 3PLs and shippers can find carriers with just the right equipment, handling, reputation, and FINANCIAL stability.

Safety is our top priority. Global Logistics Group is committed to a safe and efficient delivery of all product. A measurement of our overall quality of customer service is our ability to pick up and deliver on time according to the customers schedule and specification. Global Logistics Group has many years of great transportation experience and look forward to many more years of stability and steady growth. We have built great relationships by offering a world-class, personal approach that provides individualized service with account representatives dedicated to moving your trucks in a safe and timely manner. This approach has made us one of the top 50 For-Hire Trucking Companies in the United States, with resources that allow us to handle any job.

Meet Our Team

Manish Gupta

Founder of Global Logistics